Course Schedule : Pressure Vessel Design & Inspection Download Brochures

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Materials.(physical and chemical properties)
  • Codes and Standards related to Pressure Vessels.
  • Introduction to ASME Section-II (Material Specifications).
  • Discussion on typical standards.(eg. ASME B16.5/ B16.47/ etc.)

Day 2

  • Basics of ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and Div.2
  • Design fundamentals and details from ASME Section VIII Div.1
  • Concepts of Allowable Stresses and Factors of Safety
  • Joint Category, Joint types
  • Joint efficiencies
  • Design of Cylindrical shells
  • Design of Dished heads (flat/ torispherical/ hemispherical/ ellipsoidal/ conical)

Day 3

  • External pressure calculations for shells
  • Case Studies and solved problems.
  • Reinforcement of openings (nozzles/ manholes) – concepts.
  • Impact testing of materials for low temperature services.

Day 4

  • Fabrication Requirements
  • PWHT of Pressure Vessels and introduction to other heat treatments.
  • Typical welding practices and general knowledge of ASME Section IX for welder qualifications.
  • Inspection practices as per ASME Section V (RT/UT/ PT/ MT)
  • Pressure testing – Hydrostatic and Pneumatic
  • Code stamping

Day 5

  • Introduction/ discussion on Inservice Inspection requirements (API-510) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI).
  • Some basic concepts on corrosion and damage mechanisms to fixed equipment.
  • Interfaces/ coordination of the vessel designer with the consultants (piping/ instrumentation/ civil)
  • Final Examination (if required)
  • Close – down session.